My Final Thoughts On The #Rapture Craze

It’s a little after 12:00pm on the West Coast as I write this.  Several time zones have seen the 6pm rapture deadline come and go with nothing happening.  Harold Camping is quiet concerning the lack of the rapture.  Tom Evans of Family Radio has set the final deadline for midnight Jerusalem time, but admits the rapture might be a bust.  Really, you think?  Thank you Captain Obvious.

Needless to say, all this does not surprise me one bit.  No one can predict the rapture.  Christ himself admitted he doesn’t know when the rapture will happen…only the Father knows.  Camping is full of crap.  Camping is nothing by a false prophet.  He’s been exposed as a fake and I hope his cultist followers stop drinking the Kool-Aid and leave teh crazy.

Family Radio gives final May 21 rapture deadline of midnight in Jerusalem


4 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts On The #Rapture Craze

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