Going Off The Grid This Weekend

I alluded to it the other day.  Beginning tomorrow, I will be completely off the grid.  I’m heading up to Holden Village for a few days.  That means no cellphone, no interent, no computer, no iPad.  This was originally meant to be a youth retreat, but due to a series of events, the youth decided not to go.  So, I’m going by myself.

Because the youth aren’t going with me, I don’t really have anything planned except to read.  Along with my Bible (I haven’t decided what translation to take) and a journal, I’ve packed a few books to take with me:

  • Connecting with God in a Disconnected World by Carolyn Coon Mowchan and Damian Anthony Vraniak
  • Radical Together by David Platt
  • The Next Story by Tim Challies
  • The Nature of Love by Thomas Jay Oord
  • Angelology by Danielle Trussini
I doubt I will be able to read all of these in the few days I’m gone, but that’s not the goal of the weekend.
The aim of this weekend (as directed by my wife and associate pastor) is to reconnect with God.  With everything going on in my life, I’ve become bitter, angry, and a general pissy pain in the ass.  I really haven’t prayed in several months and in that same period of time, I’ve opened a Bible once to write a sermon.
So, there will be no updates from me at all from Saturday to sometime on Monday, unless Rod or Rosemary decide to post something.  I’m not even going to schedule some to post while I’m away as that is more effort than I’m willing to put forth at this point in time.

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