Gotta Love Headlines

The Christian Post recently had an article entitled Evangelicals Join ‘Religious Left’ to Defend Poor Against Budget Cuts. At first, I was pretty excited about the article, until I saw the ”.  Yep, that’s right…scare quotes.  For those who may not know, scare quotes are quotation marks placed around a word or phrase to indicate that it does not signify its literal or conventional meaning.  By placing the words Religious Left in quotations, the author is implying that there is no such thing as the religious left (because everyone knows only the right can be religious).

This kind of crap really irks me and more so now that it would have in the past.  There has to be some kind of Christianity Culture War going on.  Conservative and liberal Christians are equally at fault; both have made disparaging comments about the other (myself included here).

Both sides have their panties in a knot.  I think it’s time that we deal with the issues, put on our big boy/big girl pants, and be adults about this.  It’s time we move past flippant dismissal and move towards acceptance and unity.

Maybe something will come of this after all.

Evangelicals Join Religious Left to Defend Poor Against Budget Cuts, Christian News, The Christian Post.


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