Singing National Anthems

Logo for 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs

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So I’m watching game 3 of the Boston BruinsMontreal Canadiens series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and something stood out to me as I watched the singing of the National Anthems.  The arena got louder when the Canadian National Anthem was sung.  Canadians sing their hearts out when their National Anthem is sung.

I think I first noticed this when my wife and I went up to see the Vancouver Canucks play.  Clearly everyone around us was Canadian.  Not only did the people around us sing the US National Anthem, they sang theirs, albeit louder.    What does that say about us in the US?  What does that say about the Canadians?


2 thoughts on “Singing National Anthems

  1. I always sing the national anthem at baseball games (I’m from the USA), and I often get looks.
    I don’t get it – we have this ritual of american civil religion wherein the national anthem is sung at sporting events (including many road races that I run each year) by a professional or a recording and the rest of us simply stand quietly? I don’t get that. Such rituals call for our participation, and such a song ought to be sung by the people and not just some professional performer.

    • Chris,
      I absolutely agree with you. I think that you hit the nail on the head regarding the difference between us in the US and the people of Canada. We stand around like bumps on a log and they sing their heart out. I live in Seattle. Being close to Canada, we get CBC. I’ve seen events where the person singing the National Anthem stop singing and the people keep going. I don’t get it either.

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