Seriously…You’re Going to do What?

Philadelphia has a disturbing problem on its hands – it has the highest rate of sexually active teens in the country and the fifth highest HIV/AIDS rate for the age group. But the city’s new campaign – offer free condoms to teens as young as 11 – to combat the problem is raising eyebrows.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has launched a website that allows youths to order free condoms online. Under the tab “Mail Me Condoms!” the city offers links to “how to use a condom correctly,” places in Philadelphia to buy condoms, and the option to get the male contraceptive for free.

“If you live in Philadelphia and are between the ages 11 and 19 you can now have condoms mailed directly to you for free,” reads the youth-oriented website Take Control Philly, managed by the city’s health department.

I’m all for promoting safe sex…but 11 year olds?  Seriously?

It also seems like a seriously bad circular argument.  If the problem is the number of sexually active teens, what do you think giving away free condoms is going to do?  It sure as hell isn’t going to decrease that statistic.

Free Condoms for 11-Year-Olds? Philadelphia and Its Sex Problem, Christian News, The Christian Post.


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