More Thoughts on Libya and Just War

Rod and I disagree on when, if ever, a nation should go to war.  Rod is a pacifist and supports nonviolence.  I hold to the just war tradition.  There’s nothing wrong with that and we aren’t the only ones to disagree about this topic in the church.  At the end of the day, our words towards each other are civil and charitable and the dialogue is necessary.

Christianity Today has a great article about Libya and the lack of consensus among Evangelicals as to morality of the attacks.

Faith in Public Life has a comparison up between the attacks in Libya and the Iraq war. Their conclusion: Iraq is unjust (which I agree with) while Libya is not (which I disagree with).

Chuck Colson talks about how coming to the aid of the civilians in Libya to prevent their massacre is a just cause.  Just cause is not the only criterion for just war and, as I pointed out, all criteria must be met in order for a war to be just.

It also appears as if I’m not the only just war theorist to have a change of heart.  Byran Cones originally concluded that the attacks on Libya were justified, but after seeing the Operation in action, he thinks that it struggles to meet the criteria.


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