Does Orthodoxy Equal Truth?

As I was surfing the interweb today, I came across a statement that had me scratching my head a little.  At first, I agreed with it, but as I thought about it some more, I’m not so sure…

Anyways, the statement is,

Just because something is orthodox doesn’t mean its true? If you’re a Christian it does.
Orthodoxy means “Conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved.”
If you’re going against something that is right and true then you are wrong and false.

This statement is, of course, in reference to the whole Rob Bell fiasco going on right now.

Anyways, here’s what got me thinking.  The first seven Ecumenical Councils are considered essential for historic, orthodox Christianity.  Let me ask this: If you buy this definition of orthodoxy and don’t hold to Mary as the Theotokos, can one really make the claim that orthodoxy equals truth?


4 thoughts on “Does Orthodoxy Equal Truth?

  1. 1. I do not accept this definition. We should stick with the more literal definitions of ‘ortho’-‘doxy’ (right praise, right belief, straight thinking…).
    2. The provided definition of orthodoxy cannot equal truth because the emphasis is on conforming to an opinion held by a group. This leads back to #1 wherein orthodoxy has a different meaning as would, I believe, the Christian definition of truth. The major problem in the quotation is that there is nothing in there about revelation (what God has revealed to us).
    3. Since I don’t buy that definition I can’t really answer your hypothetical question fairly; however, I would say that if you deny Mary as ‘theotokos’ you will have an uphill battle convincing anyone you’re not a heretic in your Christology (similar to the Assyrian Church of the East).

    • I picked mary as Theotokos for a reason, knowing full well most Evangelicals have issues with this, even though it was the decision of Third Ecumenical Council (Ephesus, 431). It’s something about the whole, “mother of God” things.

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