Rob Bell Explosion, Round 2

Living on the West Coast, my mornings are usually spent playing catch-up, So I’m just now getting to this.  Anyways, today is going to be a very interesting day.  Amanda over at Cheese-Wearing Theology has dubbed today RB-Day.

More on this as the day progresses.

Just a quick update, my copy of Love Wins shipped today.  It should be here sometime next week.

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5 thoughts on “Rob Bell Explosion, Round 2

  1. Justin Taylor provided a nice summary of DeYoung’s argument. Naturally, I am going to side with Taylor and DeYoung on this. Brian McLaren’s glaring endorsement of Bell is doing him no favors as well. Birds of a feather as the saying goes.

    • I’ll add Taylor’s summary.

      My copy of Bell’s book should be here by the end of the month. I’m not siding with anyone just at this point. Earlier I said to hold off judgment until one has read the book, that applies to myself as well. I’ll post my thought after I read it. I’m not afraid to call crap theology crap. I’ve done it before, to the point of calling an author antinomian and pointing out where I thought a big name pastor was eisogeting the text…I’ll do it again, if necessary.

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