Request for Resources

So I have a little project going on and I need help finding good commentaries on Job, Lamentations, and the Psalms.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email.


3 thoughts on “Request for Resources

  1. When I took a course on the Psalms in seminary I got well acquainted with these:
    The Anchor Bible: Psalms (Dahood, 3 volumes) – heavily linguistic with more use of Ugaritic than just about anywhere else.
    Commentary on the Psalms (Neale and Littledale, 4 volumes) – a 19th century commentary using patristic and medieval sources. Emphasizes liturgical and theological comments. [quite expensive]
    Psalms in Community (Attridge & Fassler) – a nice introduction to the Psalter as a group of texts in various languages used by various peoples over time.
    The Vitality of Worship (Davidson) – a nice one-volume commentary.

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