Lenten Discipline

Rachel Held Evans had an excellent post on ideas for Lent.  My wife pointed it out to me, knowing full well that I also read Rachel’s blog…I think she wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.  Anyways, after I read it, it got me thinking about what my Lenten discipline for this year will be.  Every year for Lent, I choose a discipline to take up.  I feel that just sacrificing something for 40 days defeats the purpose.  If you’re going to sacrifice something, give it up forever.  That’s a sacrifice!  That’s why I chose to take on something during Lent.  The expectation is I maintain that discipline past the Lenten season.

Here’s a list of my Lenten disciplines for this year:

  • Work on improving my overall health.  This has many components to it.
  1. Exercise on a regular basis.  (5 times a week, for at least 30 minutes)
  2. Eat healthier.
  3. Give up all soda and all sugary drinks such as lattes.  (Note: I will not be giving up caffeine for Lent.  I get very, very cranky when I don’t get some caffeine.  I will be sticking to black coffee and tea.  This is also not a Lenten sacrifice, but a means to an end.  Hopefully I will maintain the sugar free lifestyle when it comes to drinks and only have a soda/latte on a rare occasion.)

I will be adding a page dedicated to my Lenten disciplines and will be providing updates every Sunday here on the blog.


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