Yep, I’m Protected

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Image via CrunchBase

Joel has been having problems with another “blogger” reposting whole articles.

I have to admit, I’ve been on both sides here.  Early on in my blogging career, I reposted a fairly short article (less than 200 words) by Mark over at Here I Blog.  Mark is a gracious person and everything was settled via email.  I removed the repost and apologized to Mark.  End of issue.  Lesson learned.

I’ve also had the same issue as Joel, where someone decided to repost the an entire post.  (Here’s my original post and here’s the offending post.)  When I found out about it, I commented that I did not appreciate my whole article being reposted with no trackback.  (I actually found out about the offending post via FairShare.)

Please note the Creative Commons License at the bottom of the sidebar.  Over the next few days, I will be putting up a page for Permissions at which time I will be changing the Creative Commons License.


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