Using an iPad for Blogging

As I said yesterday, I’ve been using my iPad more frequently for blogging and thought I would pass along some helpful tips for those looking to do the same.

Essential Apps

  1. Blogging App: I recommend BlogPress for its ease of use and because it works on many different blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress.  It can be linked to Twitter and Facebook and update both service upon posting.  The downside…I haven’t figured out how to add hashtags yet.  For those using a WordPress blog, I do not recommend the WordPress app.  It’s not very user friendly.
  2. Word Processing App: There are times that I get inspired, but don’t have a wi-fi connection.  So a word processing app comes in handy.  I use iA Writer.  It’s simplistic and links with Dropbox.
  3. Note Taking App: I use note taking apps primarily for those books I read that I know I will use a lot.  Great place to keep quotes for easy access.  I also use them for ideas for future posts.  My apps of choice: Evernote and Catch Notes.  (I have both.)
  4. Dropbox: This is a great way to transfer files between all your devices.  Just drop a file in and it synchs with all your devices.  It has many uses for blogging: a great way to transfer pictures, pdf’s, media, etc.
  5. Bible App: My Bible app of choice is the YouVersion Bible App.  It’s free, has access to many different translations, has the ability to take notes.
  6. Social Media App: Twitter, in my opinion, is a must have for blogging.  Both the Twitter app and the HootSuite app work well on the iPad.  Either one will be sufficient.  (I have both.)

Essential Accessories

  1. Keyboard: I personally hate the virtual keyboard, so I purchased a keyboard for Christmas.  I have the one that docks with the iPad.  The only downside is I have to take the iPad out of the case.  Just poor design.  Grab a bluetooth keyboard instead.
  2. Earphones: I like to listen to music when I write.

3 thoughts on “Using an iPad for Blogging

    • So far I like BlogPress. I’ve been playing around with it since last night. No real issue…other than the lack of hashtag support…although I might not have found that yet.

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