The Situation in Libya

Conflicting reports have been coming out of Libya all morning.  There are reports that protesters are being shot at by mercenaries.  There are reports that Gaddafi flee Libya for Venezuela?  (According to Venezuela, the answer is no.)  Two fighter jets landed in Malta; the pilots, both senior Colonels in the Libyan Air Force, defected asked for political asylum.  There are unconfirmed reports that fighter jets have attacked people in Libya.

Is Gaddafi committing acts of genocide against his own people?  Taken with the defection of the pilots, that they were ordered to attack the Libyan people, it appears as if he is.

I was listening to Al Jazeera at work and one of the reports said something that really caught my attention and made me pause for a moment:

How many people have to die in Libya before the world takes notice?

Well, you have my attention.


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