I’m Disappointed…

At the lack of bloggers out there who hold to liberal theology.  As I went searching today, I found many blogs that had not been updated in 4-6 years.  Sure, there are voices out there, but we’re being drowned out.  It’s almost as if Liberal Christians are keeping a low profile when we need to do the exact opposite.

So, I’m asking two things.  If you hold to liberal theology and have a blog, comment here and link to your blog.  Also, if you hold to liberal theology and do not have a blog, shoot me an email and we can talk about setting you up here.  Non-Lutherans are welcome to apply. 😉


11 thoughts on “I’m Disappointed…

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  2. I’m on your blogroll (thanks), and some would consider me liberal. I haven’t posted anything for a while, mostly because the storm over the ’09 Churchwide Assembly seems to have subsided.

    My blog is not dead, just resting.

    • Good to hear from you Brant. Sometimes resting is good, and my comment about inactivity was not directed towards you. I needed to vent some frustration after I went down a list of liberal Christian blogs and none of them were active. It’s discouraging when a list of 10-15 blogs similar in theology to mine just ended.

      Plus, I’m just in a cranky mood today.

  3. I’m glad you’re calling for liberal theologies and not just for evangelical bloggers who are realizing they need to be a wee bit more liberal on social questions if they are to be true to Christ’s name. Although I’m sure that can’t be bad.

    But I am what you would call a theological liberal – currently studying Schleiermacher with great benefit (though not full agreement). I also like some of the Americans who faced down old-style Calvinism (most of them had heresy trials to contend with) and the Anglican ‘Broad Church’ of the 19th cent.

    Oh, and I’m also looking at the Anabaptist and ‘Spiritual’ Christians who were rejected and often persecuted by Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin. I like Luther’s work up to about 1520 though. Can we agree to disagree? 🙂

    • John,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I haven’t read too much Schleiermacher at this point, but who knows what the future will bring, especially now that I’m really diving into Liberal Theology.

      As for the Anabaptists and ‘Spiritual’ Christians, Lutherans were at the forefront of persecuting them. We are talking with some…repentance and reconciliation.

  4. I’m new to blogging but I am a liberal mainline Christian in an merged ABC-UCC congregation. I grew up Pentecostal but my theology is decidely left of that. I blog a couple times a week at sam-betweenhereandthere.blogspot.com.

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