Forthcoming Book of Interest

Matt Mikalatos, Author of Imaginary Jesus, has released some information about his forthcoming book.  Both my wife and I read Imaginary Jesus and loved it.  I’ve even mentioned the book at the church I work at.  If you haven’t read Imaginary Jesus, do so.  Go out and buy it.  It’s a quick read and very funny.  As I mentioned here, I would have liked to see a Lutheran Jesus.  Matt kindly responded to my post, stating that his next book would have a Lutheran werewolf in it.  Well, Matt has released some information about this Lutheran werewolf.

The central character in the book is a Lutheran werewolf named Luther Martin.

The more I hear about this book, the more excited I get.  Really looking forward to reading this one.

PS-Matt, if you need a Lutheran to read an advance copy, I’m sure I can think of someone 😉


One thought on “Forthcoming Book of Interest

  1. This is awesome. I’m glad you’re excited about the book. I didn’t mention the zombies and the vampire who lives across the street, or the mad scientist or the mole men because, of course, Luther Martin is the key character. You’ll be glad to know I chose the Lutherans because of their carefully constructed theology and worldview.

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