Sometimes I Have To Scratch My Head

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So I get the Lutheran CORE newsletter.  Why?  Because I want to see what is going on the the world of Lutheranism.  One things surprises me as I look at the difference between the CORE’s child, the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  CORE’s newsletter has four big articles about the ELCA.

  1. Gemechis Buba to be NALC Missions Director.
    Dr. Buba is first prominent leader from ELCA national office to join NALC.
  2. “Spread the word, start the conversation” by Pastor Mark Chavez.
    Many congregations have not discussed 2009 ELCA assembly actions.
  3. Proposed social statement on genetics plays role in congregations’ votes to leave ELCA.
  4. ELCA cuts budget, cuts churchwide structure.
    Churchwide organization experiences dramatic decline in support from congregations.

Now, coming out of ELCA Churchwide…nadda on CORE or the NALC.  Now, I have to ask, over the course of a month, is news so slow in CORE and the NALC, that they have nothing better to do than to run stories about the ELCA?  You left…get over it, deal with it, whatever.


One thought on “Sometimes I Have To Scratch My Head

  1. Exactly. There is something wrong with our faith when we are focused about being against something more than loving Christ.

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