Sports Stupidity

As soon Ronnie Hastie scored a touchdown for Tumwater High School in Washington state, he dropped to one knee and pointed to the heavens. But as soon as he stood up, the referee threw a flag for “unsportsmanlike conduct” for drawing attention to himself.

The high school running back said he was very confused for the penalty call on Monday because he wasn’t drawing attention to himself but rather to God. The gesture is a tradition he has done after every touchdown. No one has ever called him out for it so he was surprised by the referee’s call during the semi-final playoff game against East Valley.

Sometimes I have to call things what they are…stupid.  And that’s exactly what this was, a stupid call by the referee.  Here’s what the ref’s should do…call a penalty on every player who doesn’t set the ball down and walk calmly off the field.  But that won’t happen, because we allow for some people to draw attention to themselves…so long as it is the kind of attention we support.

Wash. Football Player Flagged for Pointing to God | The Christian Post


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