Lindsey Graham is a Warmonger!

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) show us just how much of a warmonger he really is.

Hawkish talk from Senator Lindsey Graham, at the Halifax International Security Forum Saturday, electrified the group, when Graham outlined in no uncertain terms, his  advice to the president if sanctions failed to deter Iran’s push towards nuclear weapons.

Graham didn’t mince words with  his steps to “… sink their Navy, destroy their Air Force and deliver a decisive blow to their Revolutionary Guard; in other words, neuter that regime.”

As a proponent of the just-war tradition, I cannot support Senator Graham’s words.  Just because Iran may or may not have the capability to make nuclear bombs is not enough to justify a strike against Iran, there has been no actual injury to the United States or any of her allies.  Other means need to be exhausted before we even consider the military option.

To strike at Iran and “neuter” their military at this juncture show just how much of a warmonger Lindsey Graham is.  No one should take this advice seriously.

Sen Graham vs Iran: ‘My advice to the president’ is ‘Neuter that regime’ Video | Examiner


21 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham is a Warmonger!

  1. Frankly, you people disgust me. Jesus didn’t say to turn the other cheek or be peacemakers. He said that he came to bring the sword and to kill those whom he doesn’t like. You hippies and your Gospel message of redemption, human value, and community. Makes me just sick. I say bomb everyone and let God sort them out!

    Right BCT?

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