Are We Going to Elect Pro-Torture Candidates?


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I just received this email today and thought it was fitting considering the upcoming election.  I think the National Religious Campaign Against Torture is worth supporting.  Please read this message and check out their site.

Dear Friends:

When Scott Brown was elected to be a Senator from Massachusetts after publicly declaring his support for torture, we all thought it was an aberration. On Tuesday, November 2nd, however, we face the possibility of electing not just one, but many new supporters of torture to the U.S. Congress. This would be a catastrophe. YOU CAN help prevent it by going to the polls on Tuesday and casting your ballot for an anti-torture Congress.

Your vote alone, however, will not be enough. Please encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and members of your congregation to go the polls as well. Share with them the NRCAT Action Fund Congressional Vote Scorecard which rates all current Members of Congress with respect to their record on torture. Make sure that you check out our Voter Guides to see if we’ve produced one for your state or district. You can make a difference – together we can still elect an anti-torture Congress.

Thank you for your help – get out and vote to end torture!

Matt Hawthorne
Policy Director


2 thoughts on “Are We Going to Elect Pro-Torture Candidates?

  1. How are you going to deal with the “ticking time bomb” scenario then? Say your family is somewhere a nuke may be and they got the guy who knows where it is. Once the location is known it can be disarmed.

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