Pew Quiz on Religious Knowledge

The blogosphere is abuzz after the results of a Pew Forum survey on religious knowledge were released.  The results are not that surprising.

Several bloggers have written posts already, so I’m not going to say much:

Joel Watts

J.R. Daniel Kirk

Pastor Bob Cornwall


You can see how you stack up against the US population.  I did pretty well.


5 thoughts on “Pew Quiz on Religious Knowledge

  1. I think this quiz speaks to cultural awareness and religious history more than religion itself. I scored 100% and I think my score was helped by studying history, going to a diverse college and meeting people of each of the faiths referenced in the quiz, and paying attention to the world around me.

  2. I noted the the questions about the ten commandments were based on the CATHOLOC version, not the KJ version that most protestants are using. the order of the commandments is different. Number 7 is thou shall not commit adultr, not number 6. Check it out.

    • There are 4 different lists of the commandments out there. Lutherans also count the prohibition against adultery as the 6th Commandment.

      In reality there is something like 14 or 15 Hebrew imperatives in what we call the 10 Commandments. It makes things kind of confusing.

      In the whole scheme of things, does it really matter of “Do not commit adultery.” is the 6th Commandment of the 7th? I don’t think so.

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