Reformation Commentary on Scripture

So I was browsing the InterVarsity Press web site earlier today when I stumbled across the Reformation Commentary on Scripture:

A Wealth of Reformation Commentary

The Reformation Commentary on Scripture (RCS) will give you access to a wealth of Reformation-era commentary on Scripture that is largely unknown and for the most part unavailable in English. While the giants of the era, such as Luther and Calvin, will be presented, you will also be introduced to a host of figures with whom you might be unfamiliar, yet who contributed to the Reformation in important ways. In doing so, the RCS will demonstrate both the unity and diversity of thought that characterized this vital period in the history of the Church.

“The biblical revolution of the sixteenth century was an explosive event that shook the foundations of the church and called all Christians ad fontes—back to the sources! The Reformation Commentary on Scripture brings many of these sources, some for the first time, into the hands of today’s preachers and laity. My prayer is that this new series will encourage a fresh engagement with the primary sources of the Christian faith, and that this will result in the kind of God-centered Reformation that shook the world of Luther and Calvin.”

—Dr. Timothy George

All I have to say about this series is *drool*.


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