Twenty-somethings and Prop 8

While I’m not a twenty-something by any stretch of the imagination, I found this from RELEVANT Mag interesting.

One demographic strangely absent from [the Prop 8] debate is younger Christians. Though we don’t normally shy away from advocacy—see Darfur, clean water projects, orphan care, poverty and missions—our generation seems unwilling to fight this battle.

Jonathan Merritt goes on to list such reasons as Gay Friends, Tired Rhetoric and Hypocrisy as reasons those between the ages of 19-29 are absent from this debate.

Merritt concludes:

I think it is helpful to begin by recognizing that all major religions in every society for thousands of years have held to a traditional position on both sexuality and marriage. Additionally, our scriptures speak much about God’s intentions for sexuality. While we must address and correct our failures in this arena as a faith community, we should also be reticent to disregard this ancient wisdom simply because the debate has soured in our churches and culture.

Our generation will play a role in shaping the sexuality debate in the next 20 or more years, no matter how Proposition 8 turns out. Our responsibility is great. May we be careful, prayerful and thoughtful. And may our response to our gay and lesbian neighbors please the One who created us all.

Give the entire article a once over.  I found it to be interesting.

HT: @tylerbraun via Twitter


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