North American Lutheran Church and an Open Letter

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For those who don’t know me all that well, I’m a Lutheran of the ELCA variety, and I’m quite happy where I am.  But as we know, not all in the ELCA feel the same.  Over the past year, about 200 churches have voted to leave the ELCA.  Some are going to the Lutheran Congregations for the Mission of Christ (LCMC), others are meeting this week to form the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

I have to admit, shortly after the decisions by the 2009 Church Wide Assembly, I felt hurt and betrayed by my denomination.  I looked to Lutheran CORE and thought I found what I was looking for…until the talk of leaving the ELCA came into the conversation.

My views have changed over the past year.  I like to feel that I have grown as a Christian and as a Lutheran, thanks in part to the circle of  bloggers I have met.  While we don’t always see eye to eye, they have helped me on my spiritual journey, whether they know it or not.  And that circle grows everyday.  My one regret; that I haven’t interacted with many Lutheran bloggers.  I read many of their blogs, but that’s about it.  That is something I would like to change.

Anyways, Earl Janssen over at Pondering Pastor has an excellent Open Letter to Lutheran CORE.  I highly recommend you read it.


5 thoughts on “North American Lutheran Church and an Open Letter

  1. Thank you for sharing this, and for linking with Pr. Janssen. His letter is indeed very true and honest. May God watch over all of us as we struggle to be the Body of Christ.

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  3. I’m surprised that the North American Lutheran Church has had no visibility in the media of Michiana (South Bend / Mishawaka, Indiana). As an ELCA pastor strongly involved in Emerging Christianity, I’m experiencing wonderful ecumenical and inter-faith conversations which I believe reflect new life in Christ Jesus instead of focusing on that which brings gloom and sadness and suspicion. I’m still wondering why there has been so little media attention to the developments in Columubus this past week. Pastor Leonard Jepson, First English Ev. Lutheran Church, Mishawaka, Indiana.

    • I’ve seen some stuff on The Huffington Post as well as The Christian Post, but that’s about it.

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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