More of Glenn Beck’s Claims

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Glenn Beck is at it again…this time stating what true, authentic Christianity is…as if he would know.

During his show, Beck associated President Obama’s brand of Christianity with Liberation Theology.

Beck played a montage of clips from the president stating variations of the theme that individual and collective salvation are intertwined. “”My individual salvation rests on our collective salvation,” says Obama in one clip. Beck jumped on this equation as his most critical evidence that the president is not really a Christian – and by implication, not a loyal American. Then he unloaded.

“It does not. It does not,” he asserted. “That is not a Christian belief.”

Rather, he said, it is liberation theology – a Catholic movement aligned with Marxism that originated in Latin America.

Beck then went on to play a clip of Pope Benedict strongly condemning liberation theology. This is what Harold Attridge, dean of the Yale Divinity School, calls a classic shell game, allowing Beck to tar the president twice – first as a non-Christian, then as a disloyal American.

We’ve been down the road of corporate salvation before…I’m not going to rehash that argument.

So if Obama is a disloyal America because he is not really a Christian, then we need to apply the same logic to Glenn Beck.  Since Mormons are not Christians (they don’t adhere to the basic tenants of the Christian faith…like belief in the Trinity), Glenn Beck, by his own logic, is not a loyal American.  Does he not realize the implications of his own logic?

Attridge went on to say,

“This is nothing but political rhetoric,” he said after reading a transcript of Beck’s Tuesday show. At best, he adds, Beck has a very narrow view of what constitutes “true” Christianity.

“There are many Americans with many views of Christian faith that align with what the president believes,” Dr. Attridge says, noting that the tradition of individual responsibility to the larger community runs deep in Christian teachings. He notes, for instance, in Matthew 25, Jesus says that what one does to the smallest member of a community, one has done to Christ. In Romans 12, Paul says that we being many are one body in Christ, and the Gospel of John says that we do belong to one another, by the grace of God we have to care for one another. But most important, Attridge says, this is not really about a genuine religious dialogue. “This is political rhetoric designed to stir up anti-Obama sentiments,” he says.

If someone has a transcript of this segment, please email it to me.  I would love to read it over.  Watching it is, of course, out of the question since I do not get Fox News.  Besides, I signed a petition earlier today saying I wouldn’t watch Fox News.

Glenn Beck sticks ‘liberation theology’ label on Obama’s Christianity | The Christian Science Monitor


5 thoughts on “More of Glenn Beck’s Claims

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  2. I guess I don’t get this critique. Citing clearly heretical soteriological statements made by the President are tarring him? Pointing out his obvious affinity (YEARS of voluntary exposure to Conian thought) for liberation theology–unambiguously and unashamedly Marxist–is tarring him? Fine. Beck is hoisted on his own petard. Doesn’t address the substance of the argument. While we’re at it, can we get an unequivocal answer from lefties like this blog’s author on whether or not Marxism and the American system of government are compatible? It’s not a canard just because you say so.

    • Actually, Jay, the President’s statements on salvation are entirely consistent with the Christian faith. Christ came to save a people (corporate) not an individual. Quite frankly, who is Beck to say what Christianity is; he’s not a Christian. Also, Beck’s views on salvation aren’t consistent with Mormonism either.

  3. Craig, you should have stopped with ‘Beck’s views aren’t consistent with…’ and let us pick up a dictionary and insert random words, because, they would nearly all apply.

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