Jon Stewart on Science and Religion

Jon Stewart has an interesting conversation with Marilynne Robinson on the relationship between faith ans science.  It happens at the  2:52 of this clip.

STEWART: I’ve always been fascinated that the more you delve into science, the more it appears to rely on faith.

You know, when they start to speak about the universe, they say,

‘Well, actually most of the universe is anti-matter.’

‘Oh really? Where’s that?’

‘Well, you can’t see it.’

‘Well where is it?’

‘It’s there.’

‘Well can you measure it?’

‘We’re working on it.’

And it’s a very similar argument to someone who would say,

‘Well, God created everything.’

‘Well where is he?’

‘He’s there.’

And I’m always struck by the similarity of the arguments at their core.

ROBINSON: I think you’re absolutely right.

HT: Think Christian


One thought on “Jon Stewart on Science and Religion

  1. I almost headdesked myself into a coma reading that.

    First of all, most of the universe is not antimatter, it’s dark matter. Yes, we, being made of (light) matter cannot perceive dark matter, or dark energy, for that matter. However, nobody decided to make up dark matter as a prank one day. What we can observe about the universe is not explicable based solely on what we can perceive. Therefore, there must be forces at work that we cannot perceive. We cannot perceive these forces directly, we can, however, observe their effects.

    For example, can you see gravity? Can you touch gravity? Can you hold gravity in your hand and show it to me? No? Well, then, gravity must be god, holding everyone’s feet to the ground. Or, gravity is a force that, while we cannot see it, we can observe and describe and accurately predict its effects.

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