What To Do With Romans?

File this under “Internet Cracks”…or “Very, Very Bad Hermeneutics”.

“Pastor” Harry Walther of The Church of Philadelphia-Internet believes the Paul’s Letter to the Romans should be “torn from the Bible and burned.”  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

I am not sure if Paul actually wrote the Book of Romans as we read it today, if someone changed his writing or if the entire Book of Romans is a forgery?  What I do know is this New Testament book is demonic, wrong and a source of confusion, doubt and evil to all who read it.

As Christians study the Bible, they read The Gospels and in general it makes sense to them.  They they come upon the Book of Romans and everything goes wrong.  much of what The Book of Romans says contradicts much of what JESUS taught and we are left with confusion and chaos, WHICH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE, JESUS or Romans?

The Book of Romans even contradicts much of what Paul wrote in his letters to the Corinthians, Thessolonians, Galatians, Collosians, and Ephesians.

Now, I’m not sure where this guy studied hermeneutics…but…wow…just wow!  First off, Romans is a letter…but that’s just me being nit-picky.  Also, it’s Thessalonians…with an a and Colossians…one l, two s’s.  But that’s not the disturbing stuff.  The fact that this “pastor” wants us to tear out Romans from our Bibles should automatically raise up a red flag.

From what does Walther base his conclusion one?

Examples: Chapter Nine of Romans, wrongly denies Free Will, Chapter 10 distorts Salvation into a false belief system and chapter 13 Justifies wicked rulers as infallible, “ministers of God”.

What follows is an example of very, very bad hermeneutics.  And what’s really disturbing is there are people out there that believe this nut.  An acquaintance of mine said she was involved in a discussion of Facebook about this very topic…and the individual she was talking to bought this nonsense hook, line, and sinker.  Walther is promoting a very dangerous and heretical hermeneutic…and doing so to the damnation of others.

You can check out the rest of Walther’s site, satansrapture.com (The name alone should send up more red flags.)

Being Lutheran, I couldn’t help myself from commenting on this site.  Walther states,

Baptists, Evangelicals and Lutherans say that Romans has a “perfect flow and harmony” with The Gospels, but it is clear they are living in a delusionary fairy tale and are not honest with themselves, with their faith and their study of The Bible.



4 thoughts on “What To Do With Romans?

  1. “First off, Romans is a letter…but that’s just me being nit-picky”

    Actually, I wouldn’t call that being nitpicky at all. The very fact that it is a letter and NOT a book or, for that matter, a systematic theological tome that could be read apart from the rest of scripture as a singular truth, is in no small way how we are able to live in the tension created by the kinds of discrepancies that exist in all of scripture.

    In fact, the gentleman you reference here is a prime example of how our presuppositions greatly influence our result. Not only does he, obviously, suppose that there is a single, and may I add quite limited, way to understand the Gospels and that he has received this singular comprehension, he also supposes that the other letters he lists are clearer expositions of this singular truth.

    Curiously, I wonder why he insists repeatedly that Romans is a Book but “Corinthians, Thessolonians (sp), Galatians, Collosians (sp) and Ephesians” are letters. However, I do appreciate his cautions at the end related to how to safely burn the Book of Romans. Plus, he gives you the go ahead to burn the last chapter of Acts and the first of 1 Corinthians if needed because “sacrifices must be made”.


    However, he is unquestionably correct in one particular point: Satan does look like a clown.

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