How Not to Evangelize

Greg Stier has an excellent post over at The Christian Post entitled ’10 Ways NOT to Share Your Faith’.  I had to laugh as I read these.

1. Stand on the corner and scream “REPENT!” at others. If it didn’t work for Jeremiah the prophet, it won’t work for you.

For some reason, this is the first thing to pop into people’s mind when they hear the word ‘evangelism’, especially at the church I attend.  This is probably the reason why Lutherans do a poor job at evangelization.  Probably the worst way to evangelize.

See Reclaiming the E Word by Kelly Friar.

2. Break into a public high school and shove gospel tracts into the lockers. Trust me on this. I’ve done it…seriously.

I haven’t done this…but I can imagine why it didn’t work.

3. Wear a “Ready to die…ask me why” T-Shirt. I’ve done this too. It’s not effective, but it did scare people.

I could imagine the looks someone would get for wearing this T-shirt.

4. Go into a bookstore and secretly slip gospel tracts into all of the New Age/Witchcraft books. Have I done this? Maybe…okay, yes.

Probably not a good idea.

5. Put gospel tracts in the hands of the manequins at J.C. Pennys. While it looks like the fashion dummy is offering the gospel tract it’s the real dummy that gets thrown out of the mall. Suffice it to say that I’ve met many security guards this way and they are nothing like the guy in “Mall Cop.”

Yeah, good way to look like a complete tool.

6. Use fake $100 dollar bills with “the gospel” on them to get people excited that they found a $100 dollar bill and then get them ticked off when they realize that they didn’t.

Yep, that ticks me off.

7. Go on Christian television and offer the gospel as a way to get rich on earth. Does anybody have a barf bag?

Couldn’t agree more.

8. Sky dive from 3,000 feet into an outdoor Atheist’s convention with “John 3:16″ painted on your parachute.

I might actually pay money to see that done.

9. Yell out “I love Jesus how ’bout you?” in the middle of class.

Probably not a good idea…but there are worse ways out there.

10. Any kind of Christian bumper sticker (especially if you’re a bad driver!)

I would add ‘Flip people off when driving while wearing a clerical shirt…in a full collar’.  Yep, I’ve done that.  Hey, I never claimed to be perfect.  I’m a Lutheran…not a Methodist.

10 Ways NOT to Share Your Faith – The Christian Post


2 thoughts on “How Not to Evangelize

  1. I used to collect examples of bad Evangelism and my favorite was a “coin” that said: Jesus Saves and So Can You! Pretty funny……except that I haven’t been able to find the coin in a long time and I have a great fear that I actually gave it to someone by accident. 🙂

  2. Speaking of bumper stickers (item 10), have you seen this one, critical of overtly bad evangelism, and a good challenge to loving action?

    Don’t tell me you’re a Christian . . . Let me figure it out for myself

    At least my kind of Christian appreciates the implications!

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