Jennifer Knapp and Arsenokoitai

Jennifer Knapp, the Christian music artist who announced this month that she is gay, recently questioned the authenticity of Bible translations on the issue of homosexuality.

For the record, Knapp is not a theologian or Greek scholar. But she does raise the point of a current debate between Progressive and Conservative Christian theologians and Greek scholars.

Jennifer Knapp Questions Bible Translation on Homosexuality – The Christian Post

The word in question is arsenokoitai (Greek, lit. men lying with.) The common argument is arsenokoitai is a neologism created by Paul’s quoting of the LXX Levitical prohibition of men (arseno) lying with (koitai) men (arseno).

But not all think that Paul was referring to “homosexual behavior.” Others argue that if Paul wanted to say “homosexual” he would have used “paiderasste“, the 1st century Greek word meaning “homosexual.”

Where does that leave us? One side says the matter is resolved, that arsenokoitai refers to “homosexual sin”; the other says that arsenokoitai refers to something else. In my opinion, the matter isn’t solved and more discussion is needed.

Articles of Interest:

Christian Research Institute on arsenokoitai.

Religious on arsenokoitai.


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