Pete Enns on Why Evolution Is Threatening to Christians

Pete Enns, Senior Fellow of Biblical Studies for The BioLogos Foundation and author of several books and commentaries, wrote an article at BioLogos on why evolution is threatening to some Christians.

Passions run high because evolution is threatening. Some Christians feel threatened because evolution challenges something meaningful and non-negotiable—their understanding of God, of ultimate reality, of how the parts of their existence fit together and make sense.

The Christian faith provides stability and assurance that our lives have meaning, that the world is in God’s hands, that our existence is not a cosmic joke. Our lives and the universe around us have a purpose.

Our faith provides us with a sense of coherence.

When people feel that their sense of coherence is threatened, conflict is not far behind. We do not move to dialogue but protectionism. We stop asking whether something is true and rather react out of fear. The more credible the threat, the more we circle the wagons and maintain at all costs our sense of coherence.

He further goes on to say:

Evolution also threatens Christians who feel they must take the Bible literally. In the face of such a threat, the motivation to protect is strong.

No surprise there. I can remember the first time I said I did not think there was a conflict between evolution and Genesis 1. I thought my family was going to disown me.

Why We Fight About This – The BioLogos Forum


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