Jim Wallis on Glenn Beck

Jim Wallis posted an excellent article over at Sojourners responding to Glenn Beck’s comments.

Wallis calls on Christians to boycott Beck.

Beck says Christians should leave their social justice churches, so I say Christians should leave Glenn Beck. I don’t know if Beck is just strange, just trying to be controversial, or just trying to make money. But in any case, what he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show. His show should now be in the same category as Howard Stern. Stern practices pornography and Beck denies the central teachings of Jesus and the Bible. So Christians should stop watching the Glenn Beck show and pray for him and Howard Stern.

Wallis goes on to say,

Beck also said that if his church was about “social justice” he would report his church to the church authorities. What authorities? Church bodies as diverse in their theology as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Association of Evangelicals have explicitly endorsed social justice as a biblical imperative.

Bishop Hanson and Bishop Boerger, I have a confession, I’m about social justice.

Hmm, something tells me the ELCA will not fsee that as an issue…seeing as how the ELCA supports Social Ministry and Social Justice.


3 thoughts on “Jim Wallis on Glenn Beck

    • Yeah. The ELCA is hierarchical too. Thus my tongue-in-cheek comment “Bishop Hanson and Bishop Boerger, I have a confession, I’m about social justice.” Bishop Hanson is the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA and Bishop Boerger is the bishop of NW Washington Synod. The church I work for is part of that synod.

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