ELCA Proposed Social Statement on Genetics

Last years Churchwide Assembly (2009) saw the adoption of the ELCA’s social statement on Sexuality. Next years Churchwide Assembly will get to vote on the proposed social statement on Genetics.

The bishops were told task force members are biologists, researchers, farmers, clergy, business people, ethicists, theologians and others. They were told the draft has five general themes:

  • Christians view genetic developments in light of God’s work “that is ever creative and steadfast”
  • The statement holds that humans are responsible as “imaginative stewards” who are called to dedicate themselves to the flourishing of the creation
  • The ethical imperative in relation to genetic advances is to respect and promote the community of life with justice and wisdom
  • How the ELCA is called to be a community that engages the issues, individually, intentionally and deliberatively with care and respect
  • It offers broad convictions regarding genetic developments but illustrates how those convictions play out with discussion of a few particular advances in medicine, stem cell research and genetic engineering of plants, animals and humans.
  • The proposed statement will be released on March 18th.

    Following release of the draft this month, ELCA leaders and members will be asked to study it and provide comment to the task force by Oct. 15. A final proposed document, with possible revisions based on comment and review, will be prepared and reviewed by the Church Council. The council is expected to transmit the proposed social statement for action by the 2011 assembly, which meets in Orlando.

    I hope to go through the proposed statement and talk about it here.

    You can read the full article at the ELCA’s News Archive.


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