Did I Miss Something?

So, the church I attend is doing a Lenten series on meeting the disciples.  It’s a narrative play type thing.  Anyways…today a line caught my attention.  The disciple making the comment is Matthew:

It was because I was a Jew that I could later write my gospel in Hebrew to my fellow Jews.  The other gospels were written in Greek. (Emphasis mine).

I had to scratch my head at this one.  I don’t remember being taught that in seminary.  I was under the impression that all the gospels were written in Greek.


4 thoughts on “Did I Miss Something?

  1. There is a line of thought that says that Matthew’s gospel was originally written in Hebrew and later translated into Greek. I believe that some Matthean prioritists tend to hold to this.

  2. Most commentators I’ve read don’t think that the Matthew we have is a translation but is written directly in Greek. The Church Fathers, Papias, Eusebius, Irenaeus, etc.,though, spoke of Matthew’s original Hebrew Gospel. The one we have would then be a surviving Greek version (not direct translation) written also by Matthew, or written based upon Matthew.
    Messianic Jew Michael Brown thinks that there was a Greek and a Hebrew version that did not differ. Because the majority of believers spoke Greek it is the one that survived and because they were the same there was no worry that the Hebrew had to be distinctly preserved.

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