The Church Is Not to Fornicate With the World

I’m usually pretty ambivalent on John MacArthur. But there are times like today that I’m not a fan.

“The church, if it is to be anything, it is to be absolutely distinct from the culture, absolutely distinct from the world, absolutely distinct from unbelievers,” said prominent author and evangelical pastor John MacArthur.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding MacArthur here. I was under the impression that was in the world, not of the world. So I’m not entirely sure what MacArthur means when he says the church is to be distinct from the world.

Separating from the culture and from nonbelievers does not mean isolating oneself, MacArthur made clear. When Paul called for a clean break he did not say to avoid nonbelievers or to not share the gospel with them.

Rather, he called the church to be “an absolutely separate entity from anything that defines or describes the belief system or the behavior of the society,” the popular author stressed.

Well that’s good. Isolation would make it pretty hard to evangelize.

MacArthur went on to denounce interfaith or multifaith efforts.

Of course…ecumenicism is one of the great evil for Evangelicals.

The full article can be read on the Christian Post.


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