The Religious are More Agreeable Than Non-Religious

A new analysis comparing the personalities of religious and less religious people has found that religiosity is generally linked to agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Very interesting.

Vassilis Saroglou, a leading expert in personality and religious psychology research, has done what’s called a meta-analysis, statistically combing the results of dozens of older studies to discern the average. He looked at 63 studies from around the world looking at the five-factor model of personality.
The five-factor model is the most widely used measure of personality. According to this model, individuals can be defined according to where they lie on one of five scales: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness.

One consistent finding stood out: Across all measures of religion, cultural areas, and age groups, people who scored higher on agreeableness and conscientiousness also reported being more religious.

I’d be interested to see if there are any follow-up studies planned to confirm these findings.

You can read the full article at Science and Religion Today.


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