More on Teaching the Bible in Schools

My wife made a good point yesterday in response to my post, Teaching the Bible in Schools?.  She reminded me that, as a Lit major at UCLA, she took a class on literature and the Old Testament.  Basically, her point was that the Old Testament can be taught as literature.  Valid point.

But, as I pointed out, she took a college class, one that she probably picked as an elective.It wasn’t a required class.  High school students have less freedom than college student do.  They are required to take English, which probably has a literature component to it.  In essence, the state would be compelling students to read and study the Bible as literature.  I think my comments on my previous post still stand.

Another thing that my wife pointed out in my defense was there are not many high school teachers qualified to teach the Bible as literature.  It’s one thing to be teaching the Bible as literature when you have a PhD in Biblical Studies.  It’s another thing altogether when you only have a BEd or a BS in Education.


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