Social Commentary-Bikini Baristas

Yes, this is a real thing…baristas that that wear nothing but a bikini.  They’ve made a lot of news here in Seattle.  These “sexpresso” stands have drawn a lot of press due to some illicit activities that are no-no’s even in strip clubs.  So whenever one of these “sexpresso” stands pops up, it makes the news.  A few days ago, one of these stands put web cams up and streamed the feed over the internet.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next.  Yes, the internet traffic crashed the site.

In one county, these baristas can by shut down as a “public nuisance.”

And, this evening, there has been yet another development, a new web site dedicated to finding “family friendly” baristas.

I have to say ENOUGH ALREADY!  Espresso stands are a dime a dozen out here and it doesn’t take much to figure out which ones are “family friendly” and which ones are not.  Seriously, I drive by four on my way to work and they are all family friendly.

Really, I don’t care about this one way or the other.  I can understand why the bikini barista near the school needed to be closed, but in other places, give it a rest already.

To those people who object to the bikini baristas, are you going to put blinders on your kids when they go to a beach or a pool?  I’ve seen my fair share of inappropriate suits at water parks.  FYI, T-backs and water slides DO NOT MIX!


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