Religion and Facebook

Facebook is literally littered with groups on Christianity, religion and apologetics.  Yesterday, when I was browsing Facebook, I saw this group (my wife pointed it out to me so I searched it): God still loves me, even if I don’t forward those text messages.  The messages the group is referring to  say something like “Forward to 10 people in 2 minutes if you love God.”    I usually just ignore them, along with most types of forwards (I had to tell my mom to stop forwarding me those kind of emails because I was sick and tired of finding five in my inbox every day.  My mom is new to this whole email thing.)  As one person wrote on the discussion, “If God really needs me to forward that, he has really low standards.”

For those of you who forward those stupid messages to me or anyone else, you’re just supporting the delusion of works righteousness.  No amount of forwarding is going to add to or take away from the salvation which has already been won by Christ’s crucifixion.


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