The Death of My XBox

Well, it’s official.  My XBox died yesterday.  It has been acting up for a little over a week now.  It would make this electronic beep before freezing.  Some times I could get a good hour of play before it would freeze up on me.  Other times, it would last for about five minutes.  I’ve been putting of getting it fixed because I don’t have $100 just lying around.  Anyways, I went to check something yesterday and sure enough, I saw those three flashing red lights.  The bad news is I have to send the XBox off to get it fixed.  The good news is Microsoft is picking up the tab.  That’s right.  Three flashing red lights means free repair.


2 thoughts on “The Death of My XBox

  1. My condolences. I am on my fifth xbox (I have a launch xbox without a built in hard drive). I will say this for Microsoft: the product itself is fairly shoddy, but getting a new one isn’t that hard. (They don’t actually fix the red ring of death. They just send you a new one.)

    Also, if this is your first xbox death, be sure to read up on restoring your gamer tag, because when you get the new xbox, you will need to do that. (It’s not hard.)

    • I have to agree, compared to the original XBox, the 360 is shoddy. It’s like Microsoft rushed it to compete with Nintendo and Sony…or something like that.

      As far as restoring my gamer tag, that will be really easy. Since I have a hard drive, all my information is on that. I was specifically told to keep my hard drive.

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