Jesus or Terminator: I’ll Be Back?

Umm…since when did Jesus speak like the Terminator?  I don’t recall Jesus ever saying he would return in this way.  Come again in glory, yes.

Ok, so I just had to check out this Team Jesus USA thing.


  1. To go anywhere, To do anything to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. To continue the great commission.
  3. To use the power of agape love to win souls.
  4. To finish the work as a team that God pre-ordained for our lives in our generation.
  5. To sacrifice everything and anything to please our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  6. To operate in the power that Jesus Christ gave the disciples to do the work effectively.
  7. To be all things to all men to win some.

Ok, 1 and 2…understandable, although the second part of 1 does sound like works righteousness.  Everything thing else is works righteousness.  I feel dirty just looking at their website.


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