His Dark Materials

So I just finished the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman.  I have to admit, I wasn’t really impresses with the series as a whole.  I thought the first book was pretty good, but the second and third books went downhill fast.  I thought the third book just ended.  I was expecting more than a chapter for the “final battle”.  There was all this build-up to nothing.  The whole thing withFather Gomez was a big let down.

As a Christian, I wasn’t bothered by what Pullman wrote.  In fact, I was kind of puzzled.  I know that it was a fantasy series.  I’ve read lots of fantasy books in my life, but these had me scratching my head.  Things like Dust, dæmons/souls, , the land of the dead, and angels are not necessary for a fiction book.  Several good fiction books don’t have these things.  They aren’t even needed for a criticism of Christianity or religion in general.  But here they are in this series.  I have to wonder why.  I might be missing something here though.


2 thoughts on “His Dark Materials

  1. Aren’t necessary for a fiction book? That’s like saying that House is okay, but hospitals and nurses and canes aren’t necessary for a good TV drama, and you don’t see why House isn’t exactly like Law & Order.

    That has to be the oddest critique of a book I’ve ever seen.

    • All I’m saying is I don’t get it. I’ve read plenty of fiction including fantasy that don’t include any of those aspects. Like I said, you dont need any of those to write a fantasy book.

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