Time Flies When You’re Busy

Wow!  Things have been really busy lately.  Half the time, I don’t know where the time has gone.

So, I have been teaching the Sr. High Sunday School Class at the church I wok at.  The curriculum we were using was a little young for them, but it works great for the 7th-8th grade class.  Since I pretty much have the final say in curriculum, and after a few weeks of listening and talking to the kids (note: these last two are more important than my final say so), I decided to get new curriculum, which just came today.  I’m pretty excited about this.  It all stated a few weeks ago during our Wednesday night meeting.  One of the youth was leading the Bible study and made a comment about science and religion, which sparked some interest.  I just sat back and listened, but my mind was going a hundred miles an hour.  I had been eying the Tough Questions curruliculum by Garry Poole and Judson Poling, both from Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.  I checked out the material online.  It looked good to me, so I talked to the youth.  They seemed pretty excited about it, so I ordered it and here it is.  We’ll be starting the six-sessions on How Does Anyone Know God Exists?  in a few weeks.

In other news, I have been involved in a discussion with Megan over at Music Maiden on The Church is Killing the FamilyObviously, I disagree with her conclusion, but she does raise some valid points.  It’s refreshing to see someone so young (relatively speaking) ponder these issues.  We’re each coming about the issue from our own ecclesiology.  I obviously have a high ecclesiology, where as Megan has a lower ecclesiology.  It’s not a bad thing as we both come from different Christian traditions.  Interesting discussion.  Keep up the good work, Megan!

And on the home front, my wife finally made it out to Seattle last week after a long , four day, cross-country trip.  She has found a doctor out here and we go for her first appointment tomorrow.  For those who don’t know, my wife is twenty weeks pregnant with our first.  Hopefully we’ll get an ultrasound soon so we can settle the bet of boy vs girl.


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