I Remember Why I Became A Lutheran

Last week, since I was visiting my parents, my wife and I attended their church. In case you don’t know, I grew up in the American Baptist Church and started attending the Lutheran Church in college.

Usually, I can sit back and things don’t really seem to bother me. This week, that was not the case. Sunday School put me on edge. They were studying Matthew 24. That’s not bad, but I think the guy leading the class just relied on the notes in his Study Bible instead of going to a respectable commentary to figure out what the chapter was about.  Study Bibles are not a bad thing, if used properly.  In other words, double check the notes against a commentary or two.  The commentaries will explain a whole lot more than the notes in the Study Bible.

Things didn’t improve with the Children’s Message.  The whole message was about faith without works, which could have been good, but the whole message was works righteousness.  You can do this…  You can do that…  I wanted to say, “Where’s the justification?”  “Where’s the grace?”

Then we got to the sermon.  I have to say, the pastor has done his homework.  He has gone to the commentaries and studied the passage, but he’s so boring.  There was no emotion in his sermon at all.  And, to top it off, more works righteousness.  Here’s where I wanted to say, “Where is God in all that, preacher?”

I needed to hear grace, I needed to hear I can’t do it by myself, I needed to hear Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sin, not “Christ’s worst day was on the cross.”


2 thoughts on “I Remember Why I Became A Lutheran

  1. Craig–you are saved by the grace of God alone, utterly apart from any work of your own. You can’t do it yourself, no matter how hard you may try. Christ was crucified for the forgiveness of your sins and my sins and for the sins of the whole world–to give you, me, all of us this grace as a free gift. Actually, Christ’s worst day might not have been on the cross, but even if it was, it was also the first of the three greatest days in the history of all the world.

    How’s that? Feel better? 😉
    I know I do!

    • Much better. Thanks, I needed that.

      Funny story I forgot about until just now. About half way through the service, my wife leaned over and said “At least I don’t have to worry about you going Baptist.”

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