So here I am, on my day off…supposed to be writing a sermon for Sunday.  While I have two pages written (I write a full manuscript) I find myself watching the ELCA Churcwide Assembly online and watching the Twitter feed on the Assembly.  I’m anticipating a call today regarding a job I applied to.I have to ask, why do I have to preach the week of Churchwide Assembly?  That’s a bit of a rhetorical, I’m preaching because the pastor at the church I attend (also my former fieldwork supervisor) is a delegate at the Assembly.  I am filling in for him this Sunday since he will not be back in time to lead worship.

This is how much of a dork I am: I stayed up last night and watched the assembly as they voted on the rules of the Assembly.  And I’ve been watching it on and off today.  I’m not worried about getting the sermon written on time.  It will be done, that’s not the issue.  It’s just there are more distractions this week.  I should have written it last week when there were less distractions.  It’s not like I didn’t know last week that this was happening.


4 thoughts on “Procrastination

    • Funny how that works out. What are you preaching on? I decided to go with the Joshua text. No sense in me preaching the John text since there is no communion to point to.

  1. I’m going with the gospel, but specifically the last couple of verses. Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. This isn’t a communion Sunday for us either.
    The Josuah text is good, too, but I often lean toward the OT because I love it so!
    Are you going to mention the assembly? I’m not sure what I will do as of yet.

    • Seeing as how one of Tommy’s parishioners was crying at the end of service last week because of CWA, I’m not touching that at all. I’ll try handle anything that comes up on Sunday, but I’m planning on letting Tommy discuss it with the congregation.

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