Review: Lost in the Middle?

41bIV3BfM-L._SL160_I recently picked up the book Lost in the Middle?  Claiming an Inclusive Faith for Christians Who Are Both Liberal and Evangelical by Wesley J. Wildman and Stephen Chapin Garner.

The authors spend the majority of the book is spent talking about the liberal-conservative divide and why this divide is problematic for the moderates.  They look at this from both a religious and political framework, although deal specifically with the religious.  The rest of the book begins to flesh out what is meant by “liberal and evangelical.”

Overall, I thought this book was well written.  As a firm moderate, I found this book to be very helpful.  It helped me to see where liberals and conservatives were coming from and (very basically) what their thought process is.  The authors do not examples from just a liberal or conservative perspective, but rather, they give examples from both perspectives and tell why these are stumbling blocks for moderates.

This book is a good starting point for those who think they might be liberal and evangelical.  I think it would also be useful to those who are clearly liberal and conservative as a way to help understand where the other side is coming from.

To find out more, check out

I will be reviewing the second book, Found in the Middle!  Theology and Ethics for Christians Who Are Both Liberal and Evangelical after I have read it.


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